Children bring immeasurable amounts of joy to our lives! Yet the on-going balancing act of providing children with the attention and daily stimulation needed, while simultaneously balancing personal life, and responsibilities can feel overwhelming.

The Grow & Balance "flex-care" model speaks to both the child and parent's needs. Providing your infant/toddler with a joyful,nurturing, individualized educational experience, ensuring a smooth transition to the school-age years, and providing parents with a reliable, flexible option, personalizing your families expereince with Grow & Balance.

Enrollment for the 2015-6 academic year is now open. Learn more about the program here.

We offer early drop-off, extended days, and "parent night out."  Parent night out gives Mom and Dad that much needed "adult time" - enjoying a night out with your significant other or reconnecting with friends - while providing  children with the consistency, and comfort of spending more time with their teacher. 


Health, happiness and balance - for both children and parents - are the main ingredients for a thriving family!